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Many questions have been asked concerning how to write a good argumentative essay as well as how a good essay should look like in terms of the format and procedures that the students must always follow when writing an argumentative essay. The tutor or lecturer has to answer many argumentative essay questions as the students have various questions to ask. The lecturer or the tutor should be well prepared with adequate knowledge to be able to answer the argumentative essay questions well. Some lecturers are not even aware of the answers to some of the questions and it is sometimes embarrassing to the lecturer as well as the student. The lecturer sets assignment giving student a set of argumentative essay questions that the student must answer correctly by writing an argumentative essay based on the questions. The internet also provides answers to some of the common argumentative essay questions that are frequently asked. The sites in the web provide different answers to the same question and it will depend on the student to choose the answer that he or she best believes is most suitable. Sometimes the lecturers are trickier as they want the students sometimes to think of argumentative essay questions that they should list the questions down on paper and finally write an argumentative essay. If the student fails to write good argumentative questions she or he would not be able to write a good quality argumentative essay as the question should show the argumentative part in order to be used as an argumentative question. It is therefore important that students take time to structure the questions to be argumentative before using them in writing the essays.

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