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It is very difficult for people especially male chauvinists to believe that they can work under the command of a female boss. This has brought about some argumentative essay of female bosses in an attempt to draw the line where the problem began. Most people on argumentative essay of female bosses argue that since time immemorial, male are believed to be superiors, they should lead while the female follow. However, with this new generation, this has never been the case. The world is increasingly becoming competitive and as such the female gender has learned to fight and go extra mile than the male.

It is interesting whenever argumentative essay of female bosses comes on board, this is because even majority of the female will argue against the fact that they can make good bosses. Female bosses have in the past been viewed to be arrogant, authoritative and full of pride. These are some of the reasons why it is hard to accept female as bosses.

In an attempt to solve this people have come up with argumentative essay of female bosses and surprisingly enough it has never appeared that the traditional way of viewing the female holds. It has proven beyond doubt that female bosses are even better than the male bosses. This point however has never been accepted by those who still believe that the male should always be at the lead. This is why argumentative essay of female bosses will remain a heated debate until the two parties get to agree on which way to follow.

According to different scholars, the female when given power and the support they require, they can and are capable of changing this world to be a better place worth living. This however has not been the case due to the stiff competition they normally face from the male counterparts

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